Monday, December 6, 2010

Good bye

This blog is dead. I have gone so long without posting that it has died from neglect. So I am starting new at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Look, New Year, New Plan, New other things

As you might have noticed, your favorite blog now has a new look to it. I felt the need to select one of the other pre-made templates offered by blogger just to change things up a bit.

If you are as observant as I hope you are you also have noticed that in the last few months I have neglected writing on this blog. That time is no more, I had a love affair with twitter and facebook (friend me or follow me) but it had no substance so I am back to you my loyal readers. It is a new year and I am working on a resolution to post on this acclaimed publication at least once a week. In analyzing which blogs are popular I have concluded that the most read blogs don't just focus on race reports like I have done in the past, instead they talk about anything and everything thus keeping their readers thoroughly entertained. So as part of my new blog plan for 2010 along with my traditional race coverage and ski tales I will also tell you all the amazing things that happen to a high school senior. Be excited!

For 2010 I will be racing for a new team, Kuhl clothing. Look for me in the stylish light blue. The other new thing for 2010 that I am backcountry ski touring. (I will relate yesterdays death march soon when I am recovered)

Some of you might want me to fill in the blanks in my life that have happened between posts they are here in bullet point form.
  • Went to cyclocross nationals
  • Raced and crashed twice killing my possible top 5
  • Finished 14th
  • Refused to think about race
  • Christmas
  • First ski tour
  • More skiing
  • Second ski tour
  • Came to terms with my Cyclocross race
  • Started training again
  • Third ski tour (before mentioned death march )

I have had one constant fan of this blog, Danny the Manchild. Later this week I will have the Manchild superpost all dedicated to him. It will be epic.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here is the video of my snowy ride

Here is a quick video of my on snow adventure in corner canyon. I tried a new angle that is cool for short peirods of time. I will likely edit clips of this into a composite movie. Enjoy! The embeded video clips a little off so go to this link if that bugs you.

A quick burst of information

After my spectacular bonk at the Halloween cross race I took a week to recover, it did me good. At last race at Weber I felt good, was second to the first corner and raced smart. I was with the first chase group until I washed out on the off camber section and dropped back considerably. I then latched on to a strong group of about 5 other guys and just sat in. This worked until the last lap when I tried to go with Connor when he attacked early which left me spent for the real attack later in the lap, I finished at the back of that group and 11th. It made me confident that I can actually race again.

Have been riding my mountain bike as much as possible the last couple weeks and it has been great, yesterday I struggled up the Canyon Hollow trail in Corner Canyon in the snow. It was awesome there wasn't a lot of snow and the ground was frozen solid so it wasn't muddy.

The pray for snow part seemed to work and I am looking forward to the ski season.

Watch this video of the race in Draper a few weeks ago when I had the hole shot and it was rainy, the only mud we have had so far this year.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I blew up at the Halloween cross race

At the Halloween I had no power, I apparently was not recovered and therefore could not go at all. I got passed by people that I have lapped before and worst of all my dad who started in the 35+ A's beat me. I filmed the race with the helmet cam but have been unable to make myself look at it yet. I will upload it and post it here soon. I am all about recovery this week and should be back up to speed on Saturday.

Enjoy this video I took during a Solitude midweek mountain bike series race.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall in corner canyon

Rode in Corner Canyon on Thursday with my friend Danny, the fall colors were awsome. I mounted my helmet cam backwards just to see how it worked, here is the video.

the video gets cropped a little when I embed it, here is the link for the perfect version

Monday, October 19, 2009

2 cross race updates!...and a gas mask?

I missed a post about the second UTCX series race in Weber that I did, I will sum it up in less than 3 sentences.(I promise.) I had a horrible start.(1) I pulled really hard for a long time. (2) As a result of my hard pull I got passed at the line and finished 9th.(3) That is the 3 sentence summary now I will give you the 3 picture summary.
UTCX race number 3 was held at the Heber County Fair Grounds, yet another horse racing track, and is all about power on the straights. Much to my surprise I had accumulated enough points to get a front row call up which I blew by stupidly lining up on the right side off the beaten path. The start was not good nor was it as bad as last weeks. I managed to move up quickly after the mount Heber run and soon found myself at the front of the first chase group. I thought to myself, "self, what has been your biggest problem in the first two races? Being on the front to long to early. GET OFF THE FRONT!! IDIOT!", so I moved back so I was second or third wheel. The group was full of very fast riders that it is just a treat to race with them after looking up to them for years, unfortunately that endearment didn't transfer into amazing legs. After about the first half when they would accelerate on the power sections I was beginning to drop off the pace and want to throw up. I got dropped but still felt pretty good until 2 laps to go when I blew up. I barley peddled with 2 laps to go but managed to recover for another effort with one to go. At that point I was so cross eyed I could barley ride a straight line so I made a big mistake in one corner then crashed in the next and got passed by 3 riders. I finished 11th. It was a good race, I went the hardest I have ever gone in a cross race and raced pretty darn smart, I was where I needed to be to bad the legs weren't. Now some pictures.

the run up "Mt. Heber" every lap hurt

going down the Mt. wasn't as hard, but it was sketchy

This is when I was with the group and had friends going through the barriers.

This is after I got dropped and I had to run the barriers all alone.

I hope you notice I didn't have the tall socks this week, it was much to hot for them. It was much to hot for cross, think I got a little dehydrated. Pray for cold wet weather for every Saturday from now on.

Now for the week ahead planner. This Wednesday go watch the Utah High school cross country running state championships at Sugar House. I'm told to be there at 3:30. Go my friends that run!(I refuse to show school spirit on my blog!)(I like parentheses and exclamation points!) This Saturday you should all come and watch (that's you cross country team ) the cross races in Draper at the equestrian center on 1600 East Highland Dr.(13675 South), Draper, UT at the base of Corner Canyon. There will be races from 9:30am to 2:15pm. I race with the A group at 2:15.(I am taking the ACT again that morning so my racing might be a little off!)

Now the part about gas masks. Have you ever herd of a magical little place called the Army Navy outdoors store? I have, and I read their adds. They were selling surplus Russian military gas masks for only $13. It had the makings of an adventure. I journeyed to that magical land and purchased one just for fun. Then my sister came home and with her imac and photobooth we had some fun playing with it and some basic effects, enjoy.

You don't know what you missed.

Vote in my poll to decide what Halloween costume I will race in at the Halloween cross race at Wheeler Farm, keep in mind I would like to finish well so pick the costume you think would be least intrusive but still awesome.

P.S. I got my skis finally mounted up and tuned, bring on the snow!

P.S.S. The Pray For Snow Party will be a go for this year.

P.S.S.S. ( I really do like parentheses and exclamation points!!!)

I hope that you enjoyed this epic post.